Dr. Christian M. Meyer

About myself

I’m a data scientist at SCHUFA Holding AG and co-founder and executive director of HESCOM-Software. My areas of expertise are information management, knowledge engineering, and natural language process­ing. As an alumni of the Ubiquitous Knowledge Pro­cessing (UKP) Lab at the Technische Universität Darm­stadt, I additionally have vast research experience.

In my current position at SCHUFA, I work towards FinTech solutions for trust building and fraud pre­vention. At HESCOM, we provide software and web solutions for book sellers, publishers, libraries, and collectors. My responsibilities are in development, accounting, and marketing.

For over ten years, I have been a researcher in natural language processing yielding over 50 publications in top-tier international conferences and journals. I held multiple talks and lectures. Between 2015 and 2019, I have been a PI in the research training group AIPHES, where we worked towards interactive approaches to summarization and technology-enhanced learning. For my PhD (summa cum laude), I researched linked lexical resources and collaborative lexico­graphy. My master’s thesis on automatic question answering has been awarded the best student thesis in computational linguistics. After finishing my bachelor’s thesis in bioinformatics, I furthermore worked as a software developer at Syncron Tech Oy in Finland.

I enjoy art, travelling, and writing.

Dr. Christian M. Meyer
Dr. Christian M. Meyer
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